Your branch needs you

Stewards are the backbone of UNISON. Calderdale UNISON is always looking for new activists and members who will help build the union. The budget cuts means some of our more experienced stewards have had to leave, while the need for support to our members in these uncertain times only increases.

As a steward you can:

  • Talk to, recruit and organise members around workplace issues
  • Talk to members about workplace problems, advise them and keep them informed of latest developments
  • Represent members in your workplace
  • Be involved in how your branch and union is run.

So have a look around you, in your workplace – which of your colleagues and fellow union members would you want fighting your corner? Or perhaps you, yourself, feel you could stand up for your workmates, should the need arise.

We also need workplace contacts who provide the link between branch and members, spreading information and helping to build UNISON in workplaces.

Being a workplace representative is sometimes hard and challenging, but always rewarding. You would receive training and support from the Branch Office and no previous experience is necessary. You would also be entitled to paid time off from work to attend training courses and meetings and to fulfil your union duties. Please consider contacting us for more information – you would only need to be nominated by two colleagues who are members of the union to be able to get started.

Find out how to get more active in UNISON